Ghost Party Favors for Halloween

Ghost Party Favors for Halloween
Halloween Crafts - Ghost Party Favors for Halloween
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These adorable little ghosts can be filled with treats and placed on the table before your Halloween party guests arrive. For added fun, don't draw the faces on. Instead, have a cup full of black markers on the table and let kids draw on their own ghost faces!

You will need

cardboard tube from paper towel roll, cut in half
White construction paper
2 chenille stems
Treats, trinkets, and/or candy
Black marker

What you do

Place the card board tube at the long end of the construction paper.


Roll the tube up in the paper, securing with tape.


Cut the two chenille stems in half. Carefully scrunch one end of the paper, then take two of the halves side by side and twist them around the paper to secure it closed.


Fill the open end of the tube with trinkets and treats such as plastic spider rings or small individually wrapped candies.


Secure the other end in the same fashion as the first.

Use black marker to add a ghost face.



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