Ghosts in Bowties

Ghosts in Bowties
Halloween Crafts - Ghosts in Bowties!
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Ghosts are fun and easy and cheap. This is great for kids of all ages! What makes these ghosts fun is dressing them up. After making these ghosts we even brought out our Mr. Potato toys and made a Mr. Potato head ghost. Have fun with this one. To see a larger image click here.


Cheese cloth
Mod Podge or glue
paper cups
Popsicle sticks
½” wide Orange Ribbon
Black Foam paper
Glue Gun

Step one: Turn cup upside down and stick Popsicle sticks in the cup where you want your arms.

Step two: Cut 2 layers of cheese cloth in 14" square pieces.

Step Three: Put cheese cloth in a glue mixture of 1 part mod-podge, or glue, to 1 part water.

Step Four: lightly wring out excess glue and place on top of cup mold. The cup itself gives the ghost a flat head so find a round ball and cut in half and place on top of cup. I personally used some tangerines and cut them in half (Use what you have).

Step Five: Let you ghost dry overnight, what doesn't dry finish off by using a blow-dryer.

Step Six:  Carefully take the cheesecloth off the form. The ghost will stick to the cup a little but should pop right out. Some force may be necessary. It is best to use Styrofoam cups.

Step Seven: Take the ½” thick ribbon and tie some bows.

Step Eight: Take the glue gun and glue the bows to the head for a girl ghost and on the neck for a boy ghost.

Step Nine: Take the black foam and cut out some eyes and glue to the ghosts. I did a different design of eyes for the boys and girls.

Step Ten: Glue the eyes on the ghosts and place the ghost where they will be enjoyed!


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