Glass Ornament Snowmen

Glass Ornament Snowmen
Glass Ornament Snowmen
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Glass Ornament Snowmen
by Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

If you are looking for a cute gift idea this Christmas, one that's easy to make and won't cost a fortune, these adorable snowman ornaments are the perfect solution! To see a larger view of this image click here.

You will need

6 white or silvery-white glass ornament balls
acrylic paint in black, pink, and orange
scraps of fabric
4 pairs of pom poms, your choice of colors
2- 14" long strips cut from flannel or an old scarf
craft or hot glue
small paint brush

What you do

Keep ornaments in their tray if possible to make for a sturdy placeholder while you work.

Using paint brush and black paint, paint on simple dot eyes and mouths. Use orange paint to give each snowman a nose, and botch on pink paint for cheeks.

Using scraps of solid colored fabric, fashion headband for earmuffs, glue in place across top of ornament, just below the top of the ornament. Glue pom poms at each end of the headband to form earmuffs.

Note: You may need to trim one side of each pom pom to "flatten" it a bit to allow for easier application.

Scarved Snowmen
For the snowmen that are wearing scarves, follow instructions above for faces. Next, at the middle of the strip of scarf, glue to the top of the ornament, above the snowman's eyes. Carefully glue in place, working your way around the face on both sides until both ends meet near the bottom of the ornament. Tie together and glue any areas that are out of place.


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