Glitter Glue Yarn Stars

Glitter Glue Yarn Stars
Glitter Glue Yarn Stars
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These glittery stars are not only an easy to make craft for kids, they use very few supplies and are great for the Christmas or the Fourth of July holiday.

What You Need

white yarn
red, white and blue glitter glue
wax paper
fishing line (optional)

What you do

Lay a piece of wax paper on to your work surface.

Cut yarn into 3" lengths, 5 for each star that you want to make.

Use a paper plate or other dish to coat yarn pieces in glitter glue.

Lay each piece of yarn on to the wax paper, making sure that each end touches, forming the star shapes. Make sure that the ends touch so that when they dry they will be attached to each other, keeping the star together.

Allow stars to dry completely before removing them from the wax paper.

Thread fishing line through the stars and hang.


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