Glitter Polka Dot Stocking

Glitter Polka Dot Stocking
Glitter Polka Dot Stocking
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If you are looking for a simple Christmas stocking project that won't cost a lot of money, this is the perfect craft. You can purchase a plain red stocking at a discount department store or dollar store and use acrylic paints. If you want to add some glitter, you can use glitter paints like we did. This is a wonderful Christmas craft for kids, maybe make a stocking for the family pet!

You will need

  • plain red stocking (ours was $1.00 at WalMart)
  • waxed paper
  • round sponge applicators, small, medium and large (spouncers)
  • glitter paint in green, blue and gold

What you do

Insert a piece of waxed paper into the stocking so that the paint doesn't seep through the front of the stocking and onto the back.


Use the spouncers dipped in glitter paint to add polka dots to the stocking. Press gently and twirl in a circle, lift up and remove spouncer. Begin by adding the large circles with gold glitter paint first in random areas on the stocking.


Next use the medium spouncer to add green glitter polka dots and the small spouncer to add blue glitter polka dots.



Allow to dry completely before removing wax paper.



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