Glittered Resin Snowflakes

Glittered Resin Snowflakes
Glittered Resin Snowflakes
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Snowflake-shaped silicone molds are the secret to these pretty decorations. Use them to create a serious collection of colorful decorations that can be hung in your house or outside on your patio, or even from trees. The trick is to use resin and mix in glitter, sequins or anything else to create an artful look that would make Frosty proud.

What you need

1 large silicone snowflake mold (I bought mine at the Target Dollar Spot)
1 box of Envirotex Lite resin
Assorted Crafty Chica glitter
Wax paper
Dremel tool
Fishing line

What you do

Line your work area with wax paper. Use one-fourth cup of each part of the resin and pour in a paper cup. Mix vigorously with chopstick for two minutes. Pour in the glitter or sequins and stir again. Pour into mold. Let sit for 24 hours until fully hardened. Use the Dremel to drill a hole at the top. Add a long strand of fishing line. Repeat for make more snowflakes. Hang in different lengths from your ceiling or from outside trees or patio trim.


About The Author

Kathy Cano-Murillo is the owner of CraftyChica. Visit her site for even more crafty fun!