Halloween Candy Tree

Halloween Candy Tree
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Happy Halloween! It is that time of year to make a Halloween Tree. Instead of a candy bowl hang the candy from a tree. This Tree makes for a great piece for the office as well as the home.

Materials: Ceramic Flower Pot, Styrofoam,  12” long of 1” thick orange ribbon, thin orange and black ribbon, Halloween candy, 18” long 1” thick dowel, Five  3/16 x 36” dowels, Floral moss,  floral wire, black spray paint, and a drill set.

Step 1: Insert floral foam into clay pot, Make sure it fits tight.

Step 2: Take your 12” long orange ribbon and wrap it around the pot and tie a bow, hot glue gun in place.

Step 3:  Take a marking pencil and evenly draw 5 lines lengthwise down the dowel. 8” from bottom  on the first line, mark where the first dowel will go.  On next line make the next mark ½” up from the last. Continue in this spiral fashion up the dowel.

Step 4:  Pick up that Drill and a 1/16 bit and drill a pilot hole in each marking at a 45 degree angle. After making the pilot holes pick up that 3/16” bit and go over the pilot holes for a clean go.

Step 5: Take the 3/16 x 36” Dowels and cut them down to 7” long pieces and insert them into the drilled holes.

Step 6: Spray paint the “tree” black and let dry

Step 7: You will need to drill a hole into the foam in the flower pot to be able to fit the tree. Make sure you don’t drill to much foam out it needs a snug fit.

Step 8: Decorate the Halloween candy by tying black and orange bows onto the candy wrappers. Tack down the ribbons with hot glue so they won’t fall apart.

Step 9: Now that the tree is dry insert it into the flower pot.

Step 10:  Cover the foam in the flower pot with floral moss.

Step 11: Take floral wire and slide it under the ribbon on candy and attach to the tree limbs, FINISHED!


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Esther Leavitt is a pattern designer and craft editor for Craftown.com.  About herself she says "Crafts are a way for me to unwind but at the same time keep my hands busy so I don't go crazy."  She is also the owner and proprietor of Crafts by Starlight