Halloween Cupcake Liner Topiary

Halloween Cupcake Liner Topiary
Halloween Cupcake Liner Topiary
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This topiary made from Halloween themed cupcake papers is the perfect decoration for Halloween. This fun Halloween craft would make a great gift as well!

What you need

Terra cotta pot
White acrylic paint
Halloween themed cupcake papers
Black ribbon (ours has white polka dots)
Orange button
Hot glue gun
2 dowels
Styrofoam ball
Floral foam
White shredded crinkle paper


What you do

Paint the terra cotta pot and one of the dowels white; let dry.

Wrap a strip of ribbon around the rim of the pot and glue in place. To create the faux bow, cut a strip of ribbon the length you want your bow to be. Cut another piece and wrap it around the center of that strip, glue in place. Hot glue the orange button to the center of the bow, then hot glue the bow to the ribbon around the rim.

Hot glue a piece of floral foam into the bottom of the terra cotta pot. Insert the white dowel into the Styrofoam ball and insert the other end into the floral foam.

Gather the cupcake liners (see photo), one at a time, adding a dab of hot glue to the bottom. Starting at the bottom of the ball use a dowel to press the glued end onto the ball. Repeat this process, working your way upward, until the entire ball is covered.

Add some shredded crinkle paper to the pot, enough to cover fill it.


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