Halloween Hanging Lantern

Halloween Hanging Lantern
Homemade Jar Lantern
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This is a great Halloween craft you can finally use those jars in the recycling bin for!


Glass jars

Vinyl or Paint


Scrap fabric or Wire


1. Soak jars in soapy hot water for 5-10 min- Dish soap works best.

2. Use a kitchen scrubber to rip off the paper, knife works pretty good on the glue too.

3. Towel dry- making sure to dry well before applying vinyl or paint.

4. Add wire if you do not have something to hang it in and tie on material around top of jar after vinyl is in place

Steps for adding wire (optional):

Use thin but sturdy wire that’s easy to bend you can use twine if on hand too.

Work out the length of wire you need by roughly wrapping it around the rim of the jar and making a loop for a handle. 

Cut the wire to length. 

Make a small loop in one end of the wire. 

Wrap the wire around the rim of the jar and thread it through the loop. 

Pull tightly and securely. 

Make the handle loop. 

Thread the end of the wire under the wire around the rim of the jar


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