Halloween Spider Trees

Halloween Spider Trees
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This creepy cute project makes a great centerpiece for your Halloween party table. A fun craft for older kids that can handle a glue gun, or for younger kids with help from a grown up. To see a larger view of the photo click here.

3  Flower pots measuring  5” across
3 Square Styrofoam or floral foam
2 5”-foam balls
6”-foam ball
Black spray paint
Orange acrylic paint
½" x 36” Dowel
300 Spider Rings
Bags of Candy Corn
Glue gun


Step One: Cut down square foam so they fit snuggly in the flower pots (Square foam can be found at the local dollar store).

Step Two: Spray paint the round foam balls black and let dry. They may need a few coats.

Step Three: Cut the ½ x 36” dowel into 6”, 8”, and 10” long pieces.

Step Four: Spray paint dowels black and let dry.

Step Five: Paint orange stripes along the dowels and let dry.

Step Six: Place each painted dowel into the center of the flower pots.

Step Seven: Place the black foam balls on the other end of the dowels. Make sure to get them on straight you only have one go at it.

Step Eight: Take the spider rings and cut the rings in half and use as prongs to stick them into the foam.

Step Nine: One by one put hot glue on the underbelly of the spider and start gluing onto the foam balls. Start at the base and work on up.  Don’t pull off hot glue gun strands they make great spider webs.

Step Ten: Fill up the tops of the flower pots with candy corn.

Find that special spot and have fun with your new eye candy!!!


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