Happy Halloween Ghost

Happy Halloween Ghost
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You need: Wire, pliers, balloon (optional) linen, scissors, black marker, cardboard, rope

How to: Make a circle of wire. Also from wire make a hook and attach it to the circle.

Form the linen cut a circle for the ghost. Make a small hole in the middle of it and pass the hook attached to the circle trough it. If you have a balloon, place it in the middle of the wire circle, so your ghost won’t be flat. You should have the body of the ghost ready. With the black marker draw the face of the ghost.


Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard and write a Halloween slogan. Add some design for more effect. Make small holes in the upper corners of the cardboard where you tie the ends of a piece of rope big enough to hang around the “neck” of the ghost.

You will have a spooky guardian at your door!