Haunted House

Haunted House
Haunted House
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Materials: 2 Corn Chex Boxes, 4 Styrofoam Cups, And Acrylic Paint Colors: Purple, Orange, White and Black. Make Print out of Door and Windows.


This is a very inexpensive and easy project. Grab the kids, their paint shirts, and get to work!

Step 1: Take one cereal box and cut a triangular roof by measuring 1 ½” from the top of left and right sides and make a mark. Find the exact middle on the top and make a mark. With a ruler draw a line from the middle mark to both the left and right sides. Repeat on opposite side and cut along the lines.

Step 2: Next paint the cereal box purple. It may take several coats and let dry.

Step 3: While set two is drying take four Styrofoam cups and paint them Dark gray and let Dry.

Step 4: Take the DRY cereal box and for young children give them a printout of the door and Windows to color and paste to their house. For older kids take printout and use as a template to paint onto the house as they see fit.

Step 5: Take the gray cups and cut out 45 degree angles out of the cups.

Step 6: With glue gun glue cups with bottoms together. Make sure the 45 degree angles match up and glue to the right and left corners of the house.

Step 7: Take the second cereal box and cut out a 5x12 strip and paint both sides black.

Step 8: Gently fold the roof in half and glue to top of house.

Optional: With the bottom of a paint brush dip it into various colors of paint and enhance with dots around windows, columns, roof, etc.



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