Hobo Shopping Bag

Hobo Shopping Bag
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I am loving this fashion forward trendy hobo bag! A huge bonus to hobo bags or "slouchie" bags is that they are fun, fashionable and functional. Use this cute knitted bag for shopping, browsing through your local farmer's market or a day at the beach. It's just that versatile. (I'm a huge fan of adorable versatile bags and accessories!)

This is also a great beginner knitting pattern that comes together nice and easy. You'll enjoy improving your knit and purl stitches while you create a super cute hobo bag you can be proud of. Even experienced knitters will enjoy this project for it's ease and versatility in color combinations and embellishments. Unleash your creativity and knit a colorful and useful shopping bag!

This is a great project to use up left over cotton yarns too!

Skill level: Beginner

Materials:  300 yards of cotton yarn
16 inch size 7 circular needle
Yarn needle
Stitch marker

Buttons or other kind of embellishment

Gauge: Not given.

Stitches used:
K = knit
P = purl
P2tog = purl 2 stitches together
Inc = increase by knitting into the front and the back of the stitch

Bag base:
Cast on 120 with blue
Round 1 -25: Being careful not to twist, place a marker to designate beginning of round, K in each stitch around, slipping marker as you come to it.
Round 26 -42: Change to white. K in each stitch around slipping marker as you come to it.
Round 43 -68: Change back to blue yarn, K in each stitch around slipping marker as you come to it.
Round 69: (handle set up)  K 15, P 30, slip the next 30 stitches to a holder, turn work and cast off 30, K1, p 26, k 32, turn, cast off 30, remove the marker as you come to it.

Row 1: K in each stitch to end.
Row 2: K 2, P2tog, P to last 4 sts, P2tog, K 2.
Row 3: K in each stitch to end.
Row 4: K 2, p to last 2 sts, K 2.
Row 5: K in each stitch to end.
Repeat rows 2 -5 until you have 10 sts on the needle.
Repeat row 3 and 4 for 8 inches, ending with row 3.
Decrease for tie
Row 1:  K2, p2tog, p to last 4 sts, p2tog, K2.
Row 2: K in each stitch to end.
Row 3: repeat row 1.
Row 4: repeat row 2.
Row 5: K 2 p2tog twice, K1.
Row 6 and 7: knit across.
Cast off.

Other Handle
Slip the stitches that are on the holder and repeat as for the first handle.

Putting it all together
Sew up the bottom seam. Sew buttons or pins as you would like. You can also line the bag to help hold its shape.


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Melanie has more than 25 years experience as a Hands-on fiber artist and fiber arts teacher specializing in crochet, knitting, spinning, weaving and tatting. She has taught classes through various yarn stores, Community Education Programs, fiber fairs; as well as in 4-H programs around Idaho. She has been designing her own unique projects and patterns for numerous year and she has spent several years as a pattern tester for many yarn and design companies. You can usually find her working on something or planning her next project.