Holly Jolly Candy Canes

Holly Jolly Candy Canes
Holly Jolly Candy Canes
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Candy Canes are a big Holiday Theme around our house. I love the crook and the striped red and white of each traditional candy cane. I love the way they taste and how the instant you look at them you think of Christmas. A few years ago I had idea to incorporate my love of candy canes into more of my holiday decor. So, I came up with these simply adorable fabric stuffed Candy Canes!

What you need

needle and thread
cotton batting
embellishments of your choice

What you do


I started out with a shape (in my head!) I knew I didn't want a standard pattern because I wanted to give each candy cane its own personality and pizazz. I used several types of fabrics that I thought would make for interesting candy canes. Below is a step by step process to make your own Candy Canes.


Begin by cutting 2 identical "canes" from your fabric. Sew all the way around the "cane" leaving a 2 inch opening for stuffing. Back stitch the ends of each opening so while stuffing the "cane" the thread doesn't come loose.


Trim fabric around stitching to a quarter inch (1/4). This helps reduce bulk.


Flip "cane" outside in and stuff candy cane with craft stuffing through hole. See below.


To finish off your "cane" I hand sewed the cane who different ways. #1) I let the stitches show and whip stitched the raw edge. #2 I hid my stitches by folding and bringing the fabric together to make a smooth edge and then hand sewed the sides together. I think it looks great either way! You decide.


It was fun to add embellishments on each "cane" with buttons, felt, stitching, bells and ribbon. Have fun with it and personalize each Candy Cane.




About The Author

Pamela Cardwell has two passions, quilting and food! She spends her days being creative and blogging about it at French Knots. Reprinted with permission.