Homemade Decoupage

Homemade Decoupage
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Create Homemade Decoupage with our free tutorial! One of my favorite crafting supplies is Mod Podge. I go through that stuff like water. Seriously. If I'm not careful (and forget to watch for Michaels coupons) it can get expensive to purchase Mod Podge in large quantities. So, I did a bit of internet research and a lot of Googling and came up with my own homemade recipe for decoupage medium.

Skill Level: Easy

Time: Less than 15 minutes

School Glue (I used Elmer's Glue but any brand will work.)
Container (I used a small canning jar.)
Spoon or other mixing tool

Homemade Decoupage

Fill a small canning jar about half way full with school glue.
Add water to bring the mixture level to 3/4 of the way full.
Mix thoroughly.
Store in a covered container with a tight seal to prevent drying.

Homemade Decoupage

A few notes:
I have found that a 2:1 ration of glue and water is about right, so that if you are mixing your decoupage medium in a larger jar or container it should still turn out with the right consistency. Experiment by adding more or less glue and water to achieve the consistency you prefer to work with.

There are many homemade decoupage and glue medium recipes on the internet. Some call for other ingredients added to these two, but glue and water seem to be the base.

Also, this homemade decoupage may be used to replace Mod Podge in craft projects. However, remember that Mod Podge contains a type of lacquer for preservation and finishing purposes. If you have any doubts about using your homemade decoupage in a project that calls for Mod Podge, do a little experimenting first on a small sample to make sure you are happy with the results.

Happy Crafting!


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