Homemade Picture Frame

Homemade Picture Frame
Homemade Picture Frame - Free Craft Idea
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You can never have too many picture frames 'cuz you can never have too many pictures!  Decorative picture frames are great to decorate and accent your home with and have never been easier to make! Plus, they are a thoughtful home-made gift to give anytime of year.

Difficulty: Easy


14x16" bead board

Craft Paint

Craft Paint brush

Permanent Craft Glue


1. Cut bead board to measure 14"x16", most Home Depot or Lowes will cut this to size for you or you can cut to size using your own table saw but be sure to measure twice and cut once.  If you have a jig saw that works best for the center 5x7 cut.

2. Lightly Sand and paint board (*I learned the hard way that the craft foam brushes did not work as well as the other non foam brushes for this type of board because of the indents. The bead board made it difficult to paint and took twice as long as using a non foam so use whatever you have on hand but if you are purchasing a brush, non foam brush works best for cracks) Once painted, set aside and let dry.

3. I taped my 5x7 picture to the back of the frames and covered the picture with a 5x7 sheet protector


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