Jack O Lantern Paper Lanterns

Jack O Lantern Paper Lanterns
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Step 1: Getting Started

Paper lanterns are fun to make, a perfect as inexpensive party decorations, and are easy enough for kids to put together. These paper lanterns are decorated to look like Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns and are perfect for decorating for this festive holiday.

Difficulty: Easy

You will need:
(for each lantern)
1 sheet orange construction paper
Black marker or crayon


Step 2: Instructions

What you do

Lay the construction paper on the table in landscape format. Using a ruler, measure about one-inch in from the edge and cut off a strip. Set aside this strip for the lantern handle.

step 1

Take the sheet and fold it in half lengthwise, then lightly draw a pencil line (again, using the ruler) about an inch in from the right (open) side.

step 2

Use scissors to cut slits, starting at the folded edge, stop your cuts at the lightly penciled line you drew.

step 3

Open the paper and lay it in front of you in landscape fashion. Use a black marker or crayon to draw Jack-O-Lantern facial features.

step 4

Step 3: Finishing Up

Roll up the paper into a tube, facial features facing out, and secure top and bottom ends with tape.

step 5

Stand the lantern up on end and tape the handle on.

step 6

Gently push down from the top to allow the sections of the lantern to pop up, then use your fingers to squeeze and flatten the creases a bit. This will help keep the lantern's shape.

step 7


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