Knit Bow Applique

Knit Bow Applique
Free Knitting Pattern - Knit Bow Applique
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Easy! Fast! And Fun! This knitted bow appliqué is great for any project. I used this appliqué to dress up my daughter’s hair.  Change the yarn to achieve larger or smaller bows.  Make one in every color for a little girl's wardrobe.  Attach bows to barretts, headbands, scarves, socks, shoes, purses, t-shirts, and just about any other accessory you can think of.  Or, use it as a gift package decoration, home decor accent piece, quilting project and other sewing crafts! 

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Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Baby Bee Yarn: Sugar Plum and Knitting Needles size 5.5 mm

K = Knit

P = Purl

K2tog – Knit 2 sts together

Inc = Increase By Knitting in front and back loops



Cast on 8 sts

Row 1: K across

Row 2 (All even rows): P across

Row 3: Inc, K to last st, Inc

Row 5: Rep row 3

Row 7and 9: K across

Row 11 and 13: K2tog, K across to last 2 sts, K2tog

Row 15: K across

Row 17-29: Rep rows 1-13

Row 30: Cast off.

bow 2

Take a strand of yarn and wind the strand in the middle (row 15) of the bow.

To apply appliqué:  take a needle and thread and sew down to your chosen project.

Have fun!


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