Last Minute Felt Ghouls

Last Minute Felt Ghouls
Halloween Crafts - Last Minute Felt Ghouls
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These are such cute little ghouls and they can literally be made in a few short minutes! So if you need a last minute craft for the kids, or just want something that can be made during a Halloween party, try these little guys on for size.

you will need

felt: orange, white, purple, red, green or black
hot glue gun
black felt for eyes and mouths
felt glue
white paint pen or white craft paint
paintbrush (you only need the handle end, so a pencil eraser could work too)

What you do

You can precut shapes so that the kids can just roll them up and trim, or give them half sheets of felt and let them roll them up themselves and then trim them. If you cut them first, just cut out a fan shape, then roll. Secure the cone shape with hot glue. You can use felt glue, but they will take longer to dry and you will have to hold them closed while they do, thus adding time to the craft.

Trim the bottoms so that your cones stand up by themselves.

Cut out simple eyes and mouths from black felt and use felt glue to adhere them to your ghouls.

Dip the handle end of a paintbrush into white paint and dot on some eyes if you like. You can also use a paint pen. Let dry.


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