Marshmallow Christmas Wreath

Marshmallow Christmas Wreath
Marshmallow Christmas Wreath
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This adorable wreath is so colorful and pretty! Imagine all the comments you will get from guests. If you have children, be sure to tell them not to eat the marshmallows or gumdrops because of the glue. Alternatively, you could use edible glue available from cake decorating supply stores.

You will need

Styrofoam wreath
gum drops
Gorilla glue or edible glue

What you do

Put a dab of Gorilla Glue on each marshmallow before you put the toothpick through and attach it to the wreath. This will keep the marshmallows on the wreath all season long!

Repeat this process until the wreath is complete.

Add gumdrops in the same fashion.


About The Author

Jennifer Hadfield is the creative blogger behind the popular blog Tatertots and Jello. Reprinted with permission.