Mini Christmas Trees

Mini Christmas Trees
Mini Christmas Trees
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For the last two years I have organized a Christmas Craft Day at the school. These Mini Christmas Trees were a big hit. They are approximately 5 inches tall and very easy to make.

Materials Required:

1 toilet paper roll
green felt ( I used 3 different shades)
tacky glue
felt pen
small (5mm) beads and/or pompoms, stars or sequins
green paint or marker (optional)
You need to print out 2 templates
Template 1
Template 2

Using the printed out templates, trace onto felt. If you are using different colors decide where you want them to go.


You need:
1 XL
1 L
2 M
2 S
and 2 XS

Cut out your circles. I find that when I use a marker to trace with I try to cut just inside that line. This way there is no black marks on the felt. Cut out 1 top piece as well.


You now need to cut an x in the middle of each circle. Easiest way to do this is to fold circle in 1/2 and then in 1/2 again, make a cut and then repeat going the other way.

For the large circles make your x cut about 1 1/2 inches long. As you work up to the smaller circles the cuts get a bit smaller. Felt has a bit of stretch to it and you can also clip it a little larger if needed.


Repeat for all circles.


Take your top piece and place a little tacky glue on the bottom corner of one end.


Curl the other end around and glue together. It should look like a little hat.
Let dry.

Take your toilet paper roll and flatten it slightly on one end. Using you scissors cut the side from about 1 inch above the bottom to a point at the top. Do this on both sides and try to get them equal.

Place a little glue at the point and glue the two points together.


You can use a clothespin to hold it together while drying.

When dry try to round out the roll again so the sides are so squished. You want the bottom to be in its original shape so it will stand up.


Take your felt circles and start pushing them down onto the toilet roll.
You don't need to glue them in place in fact it's better if you don't. That way you can position your tree branches just so.

Place all the circles on. Smooth the circles down a bit so it forms a sloping tree shape.


Put some glue in the top cap and place on the point. You may have to hold into place for a while or use that clothespin.

Now you can decorate. I kept mine fairly simple as that is what the kids will be doing. I used some 5mm pony beads which kinda of look like lights, some pompoms, and a star at the top.
I experimented a bit with a garland but found it a little fussy for the kids. You could use some glitter glue or sequins.

There you have it. A mini Christmas tree that stands on its own using simple supplies.


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