Monogrammed Wreath

Monogrammed Wreath
Monogrammed Wreath
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I love monograms. I wanted to personalize my front door decorations once again for Christmas, but I this time in a different way. I'm going to show you how I personalized a fresh wreath for Christmas.

What you need

Jingle Bells
18 0r 20 gauge or heavier wire
Round nose pliers
Wire snips
Fresh evergreen wreath

What you do

You may want to find a letter in a font that you like to use as a guide. Or you can just freehand it like I did.

First I rolled one of the ends of my wire with my round nose pliers. I just put a little curlie-cue into it.


Next, I started stringing the jingle bells onto my wire until I got to the desired length for the left arm of my “R”. Then I finished the arm off with another curlie.


Then, I hooked another piece of wire to the top of the arm, and started stringing more bells until I finished the round part of the “R”.

I then twisted the wire around the middle of the first arm of the “R”, and then strung the last of the bells on the bottom part of the second arm of the letter.


Lastly, I finished off the arm with another curlie-cue.

Then I just tied the “R” onto my wreath with a little ribbon, and presto! a fabulously simple monogrammed wreath. The bells give it a special little “jingle, jingle” when you open the door.


About The Author

Kelly Rinehart blogs about craft projects on Purple Lemon Designs. She also designs custom stamps and stationary available from her Etsy store.