Monster Visor

Monster Visor
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Kids will love making and wearing this cute googly eyed monster sun visor. Fun for Halloween or any time of the year. After all, monster crafts are fun any time!

You will need

Blue foam sun visor
Large round foam applicator
Medium round foam applicator
Acrylic paint: white, black, bright green and purple
Black marker

What you do

Dip and turn the large round applicator in the white paint. Holding the visor in your hand, gently press and turn the round applicator on the visor. Turn wider to make the eye as big as you like.


Repeat this step with the medium applicator. Allow the white to dry before adding the black!

While the white is drying, use the medium applicator to add green and purple spots.

When the white is dry, use the medium applicator to dot on the black on the larger eye. Use the back end of the applicator to dot on the smaller eye.


Use a black marker to add bushy eyebrows.

For an even easier option for little kids, use foam circles for everything. Try to find the self adhesive craft foam!


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