Nick the Stick

Nick the Stick
Free Amigurumi Pattern
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Ruth Norbury from has kindly shared her free pattern for creating a fun Amigurumi insect. Please visit Ruth's site for more fun creative crochet and needlework patterns, all her original work!

The stick insect is made using green double knitting yarn on a 3.5mm hook. He has 2 6mm safety eyes.

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Green Yarn, Hook size E/3.5mm, safety eyes, 3 pipe cleaners


** repeat section




Rnd 1 sc 6 in MR (6 sts)
Rnd 2 sc in each st (6 sts)
Add safety eyes. This will be rather tight to crochet around, but it automatically adds a head shape
Rnd 3-17 sc in each st (6 sts)
Rnd 18 *sc in next st, st2tog* (4 sts)
No need to stuff


Wrap 3 pipe cleaners in the same yarn you used for the stick insect. Start by gluing one end.

Wrap the yarn carefully around and put a dot of glue at the end. Trim the yarn.

Thread the pipe cleaners through a stitch, using the picture as a guide.

Enjoy your stick insect!

For more patterns, or to get help with your stick insect, visit my website!


About The Author

Ruth Norbury is a crafter and has been a professional embroider for over 10 years. Please visit her site for more information about her projects and fun patterns at Ruth Norbury. Ruth is a helpful person and fun-loving crafter.