No-Sew Plump Snowman

No-Sew Plump Snowman
No-Sew Plump Snowman
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This plump little snowman makes a great centerpiece, is easy to put together and makes a cuddly pal for the kids. With some very simple items you can put this craft together inexpensively and quickly.

You will need:

white winter hat, infant size
child size white sock
child size red mitten or glove
black velvet bow tie
gold cord
black marker
small orange pom pom
4 buttons (2 red, 2 green)
Polyfil stuffing
hot glue

What you do

Body & Head
Open hat and add 2-3 handfuls of rice, then fill with Fiberfil stuffing. The rice will help the snowman to "stand up". Using child sized sock, fill with Fiberfil for head.Tuck open end of sock into open end of hat. Gather open end of hat and tie with a piece of gold cord or yarn. Trim ends so that strands cannot be seen. Secure the head into the neck with hot glue.

Trim hand section of mitten or glove off. Place cuff over head and roll up for hat brim. Secure in place with hot glue. From the cut end of the glove/mitten, add some Fiberfil to give the hat some body, tie off top with gold cord.

Face & Finishing Touches
Draw on eyes and mouth with marker by carefully dotting onto sock face. Hot glue on orange pom pom for a nose. Hot glue black bow tie under chin area. Note: We found our bow tie on a velvet hat at a thrift store. Glue buttons in place, alternating green then red. Done!


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