Old Fashioned Shawl

Old Fashioned Shawl

A very simple method of increasing creates the long, triangular shape of this lovely old fashioned shawl. I enjoyed using this pattern for its simplicity and ease of working. Once you learn the pattern, the shawl builds so nice and smooth that you can crochet it while watching TV or other activities. I hope you'll try it!

*Editor's note: For the shawl pictured, I used Sensations Rainbow Boucle - New Turquoise (purchased at JoAnn's) and a size N/9.00mm crochet hook. Besides the yarn and hook size, I followed the pattern exactly, except that I reduced the number of loops across from 99 to 51 spaces across the top, due to the larger stitch size made from the size N hook.

Skill Level: Beginner

1,200 yards (1,100m) of knitting worsted  
Size H/8 (5.00mm) hook

Gauge:  7hdc/7sps and 12 rows = 4 inches (10cm) sq

(Excluding fringe) across, top 59 inches (1.5m); center length 34 inches (86cm); sides 44 inches (112cm)


Starting at base point, ch 6 and join with sl st into circle.
Row 1: Ch 5, into circle work (1-hdc, ch 2) twice and 1-hdc, turn. (3sps.)
Row 2: Ch 5, (l-hdc, ch 2) into each of 1st 2 sps,
(1-hdc, ch 2, l-hdc) into last sp, turn. (4sps.)
Row 3: Ch 5, (l-hdc, ch 2) into each sp to last sp, (l-hdc, ch 2, l-hdc) into last sp, turn. (5sps.)
Rep last row until 99 sps across top.

Do not turn. Continue by working along 2 sides: l sl st into sp of last loop worked, ch 6 (dc + 3ch), l-hdc into next 5ch loop, ch 3, l dc into next hdc loop, ch 3.
Work this pat, with (l-hdc, ch 3) into each 5ch loop and (l dc, ch 3) into each hdc loop, along both sides of shawl. At base point, work (l dc, ch 3) twice into the 6 ch circle. Turn.

Continue with two more rows, but work only (l-hdc, ch 3) into each loop, (l dc, ch 3) twice into new base loop, and (l-hdc, ch 3) twice into final loop of 1st row. Omit last 3ch of 2nd row.
Break yarn and fasten off.

Cut 16-inch (40cm-) lengths of yarn for fringe. Fold 5 of these together at center (4 strands can be used, but the finished effect will not be as dense), insert fold into a 3ch loop on the shawl, and thread ends through. Pull ends to make a fairly tight knot.
Rep for all 3ch loops. Trim ends.