Painted Ornament Pillows

Painted Ornament Pillows
Painted Ornament Pillows
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Make these fun and festive painted ornament pillows to dress p your home for Christmas! These make great gifts as well.

You will need

craft paint
fabric painting medium
decorative fabric
liquid stitch
ric rack

What you do

1. Figure out what size pillow form you will use. Cut out a piece of material 2 inches wider and longer than the form in whatever material you want to use. I used canvas for my Halloween pillows, but used colored duckcloth for the Christmas ones. It is very similar to canvas.

***Note -- I made these pillows a little bigger than normal because I wanted to have a border around the entire pillow. So I made mine 4 inches larger on the width and the length than the pillow form. And then once I sewed the pillow together, I turned it right side out and then sewed a line around the outside of the pillow to create a border.


2. Now paint your ornaments. I found some different size glasses to use for the ornament shapes. I traced around the glasses using a pencil. I staggered the circles on the fabric. For the longer ornaments, I made a template out of cardboard and traced the ornament on the fabric.

3. I used DecoArt's Fabric Medium to make the regular paint into fabric paint. I added a few drops to each of the colors and then painted the fabric.


4. After the paint had dried, I outlined the ornaments with a fabric pen. I also added buttons to some of the ornaments.


5. Then I drew a line up from the ornament to the edge of the fabric. Then I cut a piece of ribbon and used Liquid Stitch to attach it to the fabric.


6. I also made a bow out of most of the ribbons and attached the bow on the top of the ornament. I put a glass on top of the bow until the glue dried.

7. Then iron the pillows to set the paint.

8. The last thing I did was sew the back on the pillow. I used an envelope enclosure. So basically, I took the size of the front, added 8 inches to the length and then cut that in half -- so each side would have an extra 4 inches of material that would overlap.

For the Larger Ornament pillow --

I basically did the same thing, except I used a plate for the ornament template and put ric rack across the ornament, attaching it with Liquid Stitch. I also added a ruffle. I made the ruffle 5 inches in width and then folded it in half. The length was 2 times the length of all of the sides of the pillow.


About The Author

Jennifer Hadfield is the creative blogger behind the popular blog Tatertots and Jello. Reprinted with permission.