Paper Bag Halloween Tree

Paper Bag Halloween Tree
Halloween Crafts - Paper Bag Halloween Tree
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This spooky tree is fun to make and even little ones can join in the fun. A great Halloween craft, makes for a cool centerpiece for a Halloween party!

You will need

Paper lunch bag
Black acrylic paint
Orange tissue paper
1 cotton ball
White craft glue

What you do

Paint the outside of the paper bag with black paint. Let dry. Cut the bag open along the four seams, leaving about 2" uncut from the base of the bag.


Paint the inside of the bag black. You do not need to paint the inside of the base of the bag, just the flaps.


Grasp the bag at the base and twist a few times to create the base and the trunk.


Use scissors to cut the top section of the bag into strips.


Twist the strips together, three strips at a time, to create the branches.


Dot white craft glue in different areas of the tree branches and at the base of the tree.


Crumple small torn pieces of orange tissue paper and place on the glue for leaves.


Unroll the cotton ball. Spread out the strip of cotton as thin as you can. Carefully stretch across the tree around the top of the trunk near the branches.



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