Paper Cup Spiders and Bats

Paper Cup Spiders and Bats
Halloween Crafts - Paper Cup Spiders
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Step 1: Getting Started

These spiders can be made from paper or foam cups. We have provided a cute friendly version as well as a traditional "scary" version appropriate for Halloween. Have fun with this cute Halloween craft!

You will need:
(supply list includes supplies for both designs)

paper or foam cups
Acrylic paint: black, white, orange, green, red, purple
Wiggle eyes
Large and medium round foam applicators
Red and green Sharpie markers
White paint pen
4 black chenille stems
2 chenille stems in EACH of these colors: red, orange, purple, neon green



Step 2: The Next Step

What you do:

Paint cup in desired color, black or orange. Set aside to dry.

Line up all the chenille stems together evenly, cut in half. Bend each stem half about 1/3 of the way down.Set aside.

For the black spider's eyes, dip the round applicator in white paint and gently press and turn on the front of the cup.


Step 3: Finishing Up

Glue colored wiggle eyes (ours are purple) onto the white eyes. Use a white paint pen to add a line for a mouth. Use a toothpick dipped in red paint to ad eyebrows, nostrils and fangs.

For the orange spider, dip the medium round applicator in purple paint and ad some spots to the cup. Repeat with red and green paint. Glue on 2 wiggle eyes (we used different sizes for fun!). Draw a smile on with a red Sharpie marker and add a tooth with white paint pen. use green marker to draw on a circle nose. Dip the tip of your finger in red and then in white paint. Mix it around a bit to make pink and dot on for cheeks (optional).

To add the legs, poke the shorter end of the bent chenille stem into the cup. Repeat so that there are 4 legs on each side. Bend the bottom of the long end of the chenille to form a foot.



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