Paper Doily Angel

Paper Doily Angel
Paper Doily Angel
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Kids will love making this pretty angel to display on the holiday table or hang on the Christmas tree. She even makes a dainty puppet!

You will need

1 paper doily
scrap of tan construction paper
markers: light blue, pink, black, red

What you do

Fold doily in half then in half again. Open doily and following the crease lines cut out 1/4 of the doily. Take that small piece and cut it in half for the wings.

Take the larger doily piece and form a cone shape, overlapping the ends. Tape it to secure.

Cut a circle out of the construction paper and draw on a face using the markers. Blue for the eyes, black for eyelashes, pink for cheeks and nose and red for the mouth.

Insert the craft stick up into the cone shape. The bottom of the stick should be even with the bottom of the cone. The top of the stick should be poking out through the point of the cone. Glue the face to the top of the stick. Glue the wings to the back of the angel.


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