Paper Plate Bat

Paper Plate Bat
Halloween Crafts - Paper Plate Bat

This cute little bat is made entirely from 2 paper plates. This is a fun project that's easy to make and uses very few supplies. A great decoration for Halloween!

You will need

2 paper plates
Black acrylic paint
Glue stick
red paint OR scrap of red felt

What you do

Turn both paper plates over and paint the back of both with black paint. Let dry.

When dry, fold one of the plates in half, then cut out the wings (cutting through both plates to get two wings) using the pattern. Open and cut plate in half to separate the two wings.


Take the other plate and cut out the center circle. Save all the scraps as we will be using them for other parts of the bat.

Tape the wings to the back of the black circle.

Use the pattern to cut out the eyes, ears and fangs. Remember, one side of your plate is still white, so the eyes and fangs will come from that.

Tape the ears to the back of the head. Use a glue stick to attach the black pupils to the whites of the eyes. Use glue stick to attach the eyes to the head.

Use glue stick to attach the fangs.

You can either paint a small scrap of the white side of a plate with red paint, then cut that out for a small nose, or cut from a small scrap of red felt (construction paper would work as well). Glue to the bat's face.