Paper Plate Mummy

Paper Plate Mummy
Paper Plate Mummy
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This fun Halloween craft is great for kids of all ages. There are very few supplies needed and it's likely you will have everything you need on hand. To see a larger view of this photo click here.

You will need

1 paper plate
1/2 sheet black construction paper
1-2 sheets white construction paper
1/2 sheet orange construction paper
Glue stick
Black marker

What you do

Cut a piece of black paper about 5" x 3" and glue it to the paper plate (see photo).

step 1
Cut two circles from orange paper, about the size of a half dollar. Use a black marker to draw a dot for the pupil. Glue the eyes to the black paper.

step 2
Tear white construction paper into strips. Using glue stick, paste the strips horizontally across the front of the paper plate. Repeat this process, overlapping as you go, folding the edges over to the back of the plate.

Use a black marker to add a squiggly line for a mouth.


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