Paper Spiders

Paper Spiders
Halloween Crafts - Paper Spiders
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You need: Construction paper - black, pencil, scissors, glue, correction pen, bottle cap

How to make: 

-with the help of the bottle cap and the pencil you trace circles on the paper. This will be the spider’s body. On one side you draw a head for the spider. (this can be done by the kid)

-You cut out the spiders bodies and leave them aside.

-From the same paper you cut stripes 2mm wide and 7-8 cm long, 6 pieces per spider for the legs. Fold them in half and make little folds on the ends, about 3-4 mm long.

-Glue one of the ends to the body, 3 for each side.

Have you glued all the legs? You just have to draw the eyes with the white correction pen and you have your first spider!