Pasta Wreath Ornament

Pasta Wreath Ornament
Pasta Wreath Ornament
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Photo ornaments make great keepsake gifts, perfect for grandparents and are a wonderful classroom project. They make a wonderful bring home Christmas gift for kids to give to their parents when school lets out for winter break.

What you need

Thin cardboard
dried pasta shapes (look for holiday shapes!)
wallet sized school photo
white glue
gold paint
hole punch
construction paper

What you do

Cut a circle from the cardboard. Leave a bump at the top of the circle where you can punch a hole and run the ribbon through. Cut hole from the center of the cardboard giving you a donut shape.

Punch a hole in the bump at the top of the circle. Glue pasta shapes around the wreath to decorate. Let dry.

Paint the cardboard and the pasta gold. Let dry.

Cut a piece of construction paper that will fit on the back of the wreath. Glue photo to the center of the paper and position the paper so that photo is visible through the hole in the wreath. Glue paper to the back of the wreath.

Thread a piece of ribbon through the hole and tie off.

Write child's name and the date or year on the back.


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