Patchwork Angel

Patchwork Angel
Patchwork Angel
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Make these spontaneous patchwork angels to hang on the tree or to tie to gifts. Yet another way to use up more scraps and the unfinished edges mean these ornaments are quick and easy to make.

What you need


What you do

Download the template, print and cut out the ornament pattern.

Cut out two pieces of fabric larger than your ornament template

Take one of the pieces of fabric and using a small zig-zag stitch, sew scraps all over the piece of fabric going in any direction - be sure each edge of each scrap is stitched down

Cut a piece of felt or heavy interfacing out using the smaller, inner template of your ornament pattern

On the unstitched piece of fabric trace your ornament template in fine pencil or water soluble pen, then flip it over, tape it to a window so the light shines through it and trace the template on the other side (the tracing should be in the same position on both sides of the fabric)

Add a tiny bit of glue to your felt piece and center it in the middle of one side of the tracing and let it dry for a couple of minutes

Lay your zig-zag patchwork fabric on top of the other fabric (patchwork side up) sandwiching the felt shape inside

Pin a looped ribbon or string, loop pointing up, inside the sandwiched pieces at the top of the ornament template

Pin the pieces together, turn them with the plain fabric facing up and stitch around the tracing marks using a straight or zig-zag stitch

Trim the fabric right up to the edge of the outer stitching, finished!

Note: Try embroidering a name, message or date on the plain backing fabric before gluing the felt shape on the opposite side and pinning your pieces together.


About The Author

Joan Gorman blogs about her projects on Nini Makes This project reprinted with permission.