Peppermint Cupcake Tower

Peppermint Cupcake Tower
Peppermint Cupcake Tower
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This pretty cupcake tower is perfect for the holidays. Use it to display your holiday treats and impress your guests!

You will need

Old plates
Old candlestick holders or something like it
Epoxy glue
Spray paint
Masking tape
Contact paper

What you do

Use your epoxy glue to adhere the candlestick holders to your plates.  Tape it into place so that it doesn't move and can dry properly.  Allow it to dry for 24 hours.


When you're done, spray paint all your pieces white.  I used Rustoleum brand to make sure that the paint would stick to the metal.


I used this as my template for the peppermint swirl, from an online image I found.  Make sure that the wide end is longer that the edge of the plate so you can wrap the contact paper around the edge.  To get the proper sizing, you can measure the diameter of the plate and divide by two, the radius is the length of the swirl.


Cut 6-8 pieces of your template out of contact paper for each plate.  This is super easy if you have a Silhouette, but I didn't have one (does someone wanna give me one for free?! :)  so I cut by hand.  Find the center point of your plate (measure out the radius) and put the point of the swirl piece there.


Make sure all the contact paper is firmly pressed to the plate and then spray paint red.  It doesn't matter if this brand is Rustoleum or not since you've already sprayed paint on there.  Let it dry for awhile before you peel off the contact paper.  After you peel it off, spray the whole thing with a clear varnish spray paint to seal it.


Now stack up all your pieces and voila!  I didn't glue all my pieces together because 1) it would be easier to store separately, 2) easier to handle all together, and 3) I can use each piece individually to either stack up in a tower or sit next to each other.  So many uses! 


About The Author

Heidi Ferguson blogs about all of her crafty projects at HoneyBear Lane. Reprinted with permission.