Peppermint Pillow

Peppermint Pillow
Peppermint Pillow - Quilt Pattern
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Simple easy and so cute! This Decorative Peppermint Pillow is a great addition to the holiday décor. It is made from an 18X18” pillow and holiday fabric.

Materials: One 18X18” Pillow form, 1 yard of red peppermint fabric, 4 yards of 1 ½” wide red ribbon, and 1 spool of red thread.

Step one: Cut out two 20x20” squares out of Red Peppermint holiday fabric.

Step Two: Cut four 20” strips of Red Ribbon.

Step Three: Take one of the squares of fabric and lay it down with right side facing up and place a strip of 20” ribbon horizontally in the middle of the square and pin down.

Step Four: Sew completely around ribbon.

Step Five Take another 20” Strip of ribbon and place vertically in the middle of the same square and pin down.

Step Six: Sew completely around ribbon.

Step Seven: Take the second square and rep step three and four.

Step Eight: Rep Step Five.

Step Nine: Sew half way down the first side which is where the first ribbon intercepts the second. Sew across the ribbon and sew back down the opposite side of the ribbon back to the beginning.

Step Ten: turn the fabric around and Rep Step Nine to other side. This leaves you a hole in the intersection. This is where you will later tie a bow in the pillow.

Step Eleven: Take both squares and place together with right sides facing each other. Sew around the perimeter of the pillow casing at a 5/8” but leaving a 10” hole in the center of a side to fit the pillow form.

Step twelve: Turn inside out and iron.

Step thirteen: Fit pillow in casing.

Step fourteen: Pin opening closed and sew around the perimeter of pillow at a 1/4” seam.

Step fifteen: Take remaining ribbon and put through hole from Step Ten and tie a bow.

Step Sixteen: With a needle tack down the bow to keep from coming undone.

You are finished!!


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