Photo Flower Pot

Photo Flower Pot
Mothers Day Gift Idea
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Turn a flower pot into a fun photo phenom!  Flowers make great gifts for Spring and Summertime and what better way to personalize this gift than with some cherished photos for Mom or Grandma for Mothers Day!

Difficulty: Easy


Terra Cotta Pot


Mod Podge

Craft Paint and Brush



Start by painting your flower pot- this is something that the kids can even help with and it is really hard to mess up on so let them have fun with it. All they need to paint is the outside of the pot but if they end up painting the inside, no biggie because you won't see it.

Photo Flower Pot Step 1

Photo Flower Pot Step 2


Once the paint is dry, you will want to trim your pictures. You can do a large picture or make a collage of small pictures- it really comes down to personal preference. Just make sure that if you choose to glue a large picture you cut the bottom with rounded corners to match the curve of the pot and do the same at the top of the picture. Once pictures are cut, apply Mod Podge with foam brush to back of picture and glue to pot.

Photo Flower Pot Step 3


Once Glue is dry, it is time to add your flowers and a bow and get ready to give away!

Photo Flower Pot


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