Photo Frame Square

Photo Frame Square
Halloween Crafts - Photo Frame Square
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You need: hard cardboard for the actual frame, Halloween related images or cut outs, colored paper or textile material, scissors, glue.

How to: cut the cardboard in the desired shape for the frame (it can be a rectangle, a circle or even a pumpkin)
glue the colored paper or cloth on the frame (this can be done by the kids also)
cut out the Halloween images or use the cut outs on colored paper to make spiders, pumpkins, witches, whatever shapes you have
glue the images or shapes or both on the frame
cut a piece of cardboard bigger than the inside of the frame and tape it on the back of it on 3 sides (so you can insert the picture from the open side)

And this is it! You now have a lovely picture frame for this year's Halloween photo!