Pine Cone Angel

Pine Cone Angel
Pine Cone Angel - Christmas Craft Ideas
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Materials needed:

1.         A pine cone

2.         A large bead

3.         Ribbon (wide one)

4.         Marker pens

5.         Little dolls hair/ Spanish moss

6.         A gold ring/ grape vine wreath

7.         Glue

8.         Scissors

9.         Little spray paint.



Craft Procedure:

Making something adorable from naturally occurring product which would otherwise go to the bin is indeed fun and noble. This pine cone angle is an example of how a small number of things which otherwise lie around the house could be put to good use. This angel is different and has given the boring pine cone a whole new perspective.

Step 1: clean the pine cone; wipe it clean of all of dust and impurities. Spray on some glitter paint in order to give it a shiny appearance. You could also patiently apply some glitter to the end of each projection to make it look lovelier.

Step 2: take the big bead and apply glue to one side. Also apply glue to the end of the pine cone (broad base) and attach it firmly. Let the glue dry completely.

Step 3: take the ribbon, around one inch of it and attach it close to the base such that it looks like wings. Just pinch the middle while pasting it. Let the beautiful wings dry.

Step 4: now it is time to attach the hair. If you want to attach cute dolls hair you could do it or you could go for some simple Spanish moss. You can use your imagination and suit it to your taste.

Step 5: once the hair is dried it is time for the halo. You could use an old golden ring or make one from streamers. You can also use the grape vine wreath in order to make the halo for our angel.

Step 6: after all the sticking is dry it is time to add the final touches. With the marker draw the eyes nose and mouth for the angel.

Step 7: lastly it is time to tie a colorful bow around the neck with the colorful ribbons. This will also act as a tag and help us hang the angel.

Thus this angel is ready. It could be used to decorate the crib, Christmas wreath, or the tree. It could even be used with other decorations in order to hang along the room. The angle has many uses and could be modified a lot more according to individual tastes. The pine cone could be decorated with beads or sequences. The halo and the hair could be made more interesting. There could be use of double strips of ribbon making the wings look bolder. So let us create beautiful angels this Christmas at home.