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Plarn Tutorial
Plarn Tutorial
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So you want to save those pesky plastic bags from the grocery store?  If your spouse or kids look at you like you are crazy, you are in good company!  I kept thinking “Surely I will find something to do with all these bags, besides throw them out or donating them to the daycare!” (They use the bags as diaper pail liners – which is handy.)  Finally, with a little help from Google, and with my passion for crochet, I managed to make my own plarn (plastic-yarn)! 

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: scissors or rotary blade and cutting mat, plastic bags, time


plarn plarn

Grab a plastic bag.  Smooth it out and lay it flat.

plarn plarn
Fold 1/3 of the bag towards the middle.  Fold the opposite 1/3 towards the middle as well.  (Most plastic grocery bags smooth out to reveal they are sectioned in thirds to allow for the handles.  See photo.)


Fold bag in half.

plarn plarn

Trim bottom seam off.  Trim handles off, where bag starts.

plarn plarn

Cut new piece into 1 inch strips, or desired width.  (Hint: I tried trimming narrower ½ inch pieces, but the plarn tends to lose its strength and tears.)

plarn plarn

Take two pieces and loop one end over another end.  Weave bottom loop back through its own opening.

plarn plarn

Grasp and gently pull the two loops in opposite directions.  Pull until you form a nice small knot in the center.

Repeat the process, adding a new piece each time.  (Hint: hold the knot from previous joining in one hand as you pull to keep the strips even.)
After reaching desired length (which may take a while), roll your plarn into a ball for easy storage and use. 

What will you create with your plarn?

*If you are feeling really industrious you can also recycle the end piece and handles as stuffing for other projects or packing material.  I still don’t know what I will do with all my plarn…maybe crochet a produce bag or shopping bag.  I have even seen placemats, coasters, and baskets crocheted and knitted from plarn.  Enjoy your plarn!


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