Pretty Paper Angels

Pretty Paper Angels
Pretty Paper Angels
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This pretty little paper angel craft is fun, it's easy and you only need basic craft supplies. They can be modern, traditional, or funky, depending on your paper selection. They make great table decorations, you can string them together to make a garland, or glue a hook to the back of their heads to hang on your tree. They also work well a topper for a small Christmas tree.

What you need

scrapbook paper
1 inch circle punch (optional)
glue gun and sticks
ribbon, ric rac, etc...
angel template

What you do

stepsReduce or enlarge the template to the desired size, print and cut out. Make your template on brightly colored card stock. The bright color makes it easier to see when tracing and the heavier paper holds up better for multiple use.

1. Trace angel wings and body onto scrapbooking paper. Cut it out and do the necessary folding.

2. Using a glue gun, make a line of glue down the pattern side of the skirt and wrap the other side around to create a seam. As long as you work quickly, the glue will still be warm and you will have a little bit of wiggle room to make sure the seam is straight.

3. & 4. Slide the wings over the angel's head, gently pulling the collar around the neck.

5. If you have it on right, it should look just like this.

6. Glue the bottom portion of the wings to the back of the angel. Quickly before the glue sets, make sure it's centered or the wings will be crooked.

steps7. & 8. Making a seam by glue the top portion of the wings to the bottom. Glue the rest of the wings together by putting a bead of glue on each feather.

9. Turn the angel over so it is facing you and glue the front part of the collar down. Just a bead of glue works fine.

10. Cut out a circle and draw the face, or you can use one of mine. I like to cut a little bit of the top away for hair, but you can draw it on there too. If you make your angel to stand about five inches, a 1 inch circle punch is the perfect size.

11. Glue the face on and embellish the trim with ribbon, ric rac, buttons, or glitter.


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