Pumpkin Hat

Pumpkin Hat
Fall Knit Project
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This little hat is perfect for Fall and that sweet little pumpkin in your life!

Materials: 2 balls of orange, You’ll have more than half a ball left over at the end. And just a little bit of green. You need 5mm round needle and then a set of 5 double pointed needles.
Size: 9-18months. 


Using orange, loosely cast on 80 stitches (a long-tail cast-on is a good choice here). Being careful not to twist, join, mark beginning of round and work around in stockinette/stocking stitch (i.e.: knit every stitch) for about 2 inches.
In the next round, increase 5 stitches more or less evenly spaced. 85 stitches.
Continue knitting around in stockinette until work is about 5.5 inches long. Note: let the edge curl and measure the length with the edge curled.

*K3, k2tog* around.
Knit one round plain.
*k2, k2tog* around.
Knit one round plain.
Switch to green and *k1, k2tog* around.
Knit one round plain.
*k2tog* around.
Knit one round plain.
*k2tog* around.
Knit one round plain.

Cut the yarn, leaving a tail about 3 feet long. Close the top of the hat by drawing yarn through all but 4 of the remaining stitches. Pull tight and fasten securely on the inside. Bring the yarn back through to the outside, just to the right of the needle containing the 4 remaining stitches. Work 4-st I-cord* for 1.5 inches and fasten off by drawing thread through stitches, pulling tight and fastening securely.
Weave in ends.


Using a double pointed needle, knit the 4 stitches. Do NOT turn. Slide the stitches to the right end of the needle and knit. Continue in this way, knitting the stitches, then sliding them back to the right end of the needle.


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