Puzzle Wreath

Puzzle Wreath
Christmas Craft Ideas - Puzzle Wreath
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Materials needed:

1.         Old jigsaw puzzle

2.         Green paint

3.         Red beads, golden beads

4.         Some ribbon

5.         Scissors

6.         Glue

Craft Procedure:

Christmas wreath has always been a symbol of the festive season. The Christmas decorations are incomplete without it.  No matter how simple they are, they complete the preparations with their presence on the door. Jig jaw puzzles are interesting toys which often are left to the corner because of a missing piece. It is now time to put into use the unused jig jaw puzzle and turn it into beautiful wreath oozing with character.

Step 1: collect the pieces of the jig jaw puzzle, count the number you will require by placing them to form a circle.

Step 2: once the pieces are selected, set painting. If the surface is to smooth and does not adhere to paint, first stick the surfaces with ordinary paper let it dry and then start painting.

Step 3: let all the pieces dry well. Then collect them apply glue to one surface and start attaching the pieces of the puzzle so that they can form a nice circle.

Step 4: Let the glue dry. Once dry, decorate the wreath using the red or golden beads. 

Step 5: use the ribbon to make a nice hanger and attach it to the wreath. Stick the large golden bead such that the ends of the ribbon are not seen. This will also make the wreath look more attractive.

Step 6: so with all glue and paint dry the wreath is ready to be hung anywhere you find suitable. It could decorate your tree or even adorn your door.

The wreath could be made more attractive by using streamers or adding the shiny balls when required. If they are meant for the door you could make larger thicker ones and decorate it with little angels, shiny balls and the beads. If it is for the tree we can make several small wreaths which are identical and make more colorful hangers using thicker and fluffier ribbons. As you will be adding the shiny balls and angels on the trees the wreaths can be kept simple with only small bead decorations. If the wreath is meant for the top of the tree then the golden bell could be made bigger or we could use a pretty star to decorate the wreath.

As we can see we can make this simple wreath to suit our needs and fancies. This is surely a simple yet a must have Christmas craft. Let us hope that this puzzle wreath brings joy this Christmas.