Quilled Card: Russian Nesting Doll

Quilled Card: Russian Nesting Doll
Quilled Card: Russian Nesting Doll
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Quilled Card: Russian Nesting Doll

by Trish Dyson of Free Craft ideas by Trish

This adorable card is made with the technique of paper quilling. While it does take some practice, it's satisfying and the results are lovely. (view image larger)

Download doll pattern

Download card instructions

Materials List:

Plain white cardstock 8 ½” x 6”
Small supply of card: Red and Navy Blue, you could use Bazzill Criss Cross LadyBug for the Red, Bazzill Monochromatic Blackberry for the Navy Blue
plus a 4 ½” x 6” piece of Navy Blue card
Small amount double sided mounting paper, (sometimes called JAC)

Punched Card Pieces:

  • 10 x 1/8” ivory circles
  • 1 x ¼” navy circle
  • 3 or 4 x 1 ½” large ivory circle (this includes spares).
  • 2 x 1/8” black circles

Quilling Strips:
4 x strips 1/8” yellow
2 x strips 1/8” red
4 x strips 1/8” olive green
double-sided tape, red and pink paint/coloured pencils, or similar, pva glue, glue stick.

Equipment List: Paper (rotary) trimmer, quilling tools, bone scorer, PVA Glue
These punches would be helpful: 1 ½” circle, 1/8” circle, ½” circle. If you don’t have them, try borrowing the punches, or purchasing the paper punchies.

Please read all instructions through before commencing.



Length and colour of strip
(for each piece)

Part of design

2 x yellow eye coils

8” (1/8” yellow)

Hair of doll

2 x red tight coils

2 ½” (1/8” red)

Flower centres at neck

4 x green tear drop coils

2 ¾” (1/8” green)

Flower leaves at neck

6 x green tear drop coils

2 ¾”  (1/8” green)

Flower leaves on body

3 x yellow tight coils

2 ½” (1/8” yellow)

Yellow flowers on body

2 x red nested huskings (with 3 x 3/8” long loops inside a larger loop)

4 ½” (1/8” red)

On scarf ties

4 x red tear drop coils

2 ¾”  (1/8” red)

Two love hearts on body

Quill the above pieces and set aside. 

Assembly of Card:

Score the piece of cardstock down the middle, and fold to a finished size of of 4¼” x 6”.

Cut Navy Blue card to 5 ½” x 3 ¾” and apply to front of card, centred, with double sided tape.  Adhere mounting paper to a piece of white paper, (a bit larger than 5 ¼” x 3 ½”), then trim to those dimensions.  Remove backing, and carefully stick to the card, above the navy blue, and centred horizontally and vertically.

1. Using templates, cut pieces for the doll: head scarf, 2 x scarf ties, body and pocket.

2. Using glue stick, stick the main, blue head scarf piece down to the red body, with the pieces aligned at the top.  Check that these are even, trim if necessary.  Stick this joined piece down to the front, centre of the card, with pieces of double sided tape.

3. Apply pink rosy cheeks and red lips using your coloured pencils or paints, to the ivory circle.  When you are happy with the result, glue down as per step 4…

4. Using a small amount of glue, stick the ivory circle carefully down to the centre of the head area, to form a face, the bottom should align with the bottom of the blue head scarf piece.  Stick down the remaining dress pieces, including the head scarf ties, knot and pocket with spots, as pictured.

5. Add the two small black circles as eyes.

6. Carefully glue down all the quilled pieces as pictured.  The two large yellow “eye” coils form the hair.  You may need to manipulate these first, to make sure the top edge is aligned as closely as possible with the top curve of the ivory “face”.


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