Reindeer Bulb

Reindeer Bulb
Christmas Craft Ideas - Reindeer Bulb
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Materials needed:

  1. A light bulb
  2. Newspaper     
  3. Flour  
  4. Water
  5. Cardboard
  6. Paints
  7. Ribbon
  8. Glue
  9. Scissors

Craft Procedure:

Reindeer stories have a very special association with Christmas. Just as important as Santa and the tree, reindeer is inseparable and to enjoy the Christmas spirit fully we need to enjoy reindeer crafts too.

Step 1: the first step is finding a light bulb, an old bulb without its fuse could find better use if made into a cute Christmas decoration.

Step 2: Make the paper mash paste. For this mix a little around ¼ cup of flour with the same quantity of water. Make sure the paste feels glue like. It should be runny enough for application but thick enough to act as a binding agent.

Step 3: make a small aperture in the metallic part of the bulb and pass the thread around it so that it can be used for hanging the craft piece in the end.

Step 4: cut the paper into 2 cm strips. Once the strips are ready dip them in the mash paste and wrap around the bulb. Cover the bulb fully. Repeat the process three or four times. Once this is done let the bulb dry completely.

Step 5: once it is fully dry, it is time to start painting. Use the brown paint to color the entire bulb.

Step 6: Cut out shapes from the cardboard which resemble the antlers of the deer and paint them in dark brown. Once the antlers are dry and ready, apply the glue and paste them on to the sides of the bulb. They should be pasted close to the neck of the bulb.

Step 7: once the antlers are ready carefully apply the second coat of brown over the bulb to give it a neat finish. Let it dry.

Step 8: now it is time to give the reindeer its eyes nose and mouth, once they are also painted to perfection, the reindeer is now ready to race.

This can now be hung on the tree as a different tree ornament or can be attached to the Christmas wreath. Many reindeers like this along with the stockings and other decorative items can be glued together on a string and hung across the room to give the home a more holiday feel. This is indeed an easy and fun craft which the family can do together. So this Christmas let us try to make Rudolph at home.