Reindeer Food Shakers

Reindeer Food Shakers
Reindeer Food Shakers
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I’m sure most of you with children have had Reindeer Food come home from school or daycare just before Christmas.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Reindeer Food, it’s a magical mixture of dry oatmeal and other special goodies that lure Rudolph and the gang to land at your house Christmas night.  The kiddos take it outside, sprinkle it in the yard and spend the rest of Christmas Eve evening anxiously awaiting the Big Guy’s arrival.
This year, I happened to have some empty spice bottles in my kitchen windowsill that I’d been saving for the right craft... and Reindeer Food came to mind.  I love finding ways to reduce, reuse & recycle, so let’s put these empty spice bottles–or whatever containers you can rescue from the landfill–good, festive use!  It’s a great craft to do with kiddos, but you might want to replace the hot glue that I used with a more kid-safe craft glue or school glue.

You will need

empty spice bottles
leftover wrapping paper
leftover gift tags
hot glue or instant grab glue if working with kids
measuring tape
a sharp craft knife

Please use caution with the scissors, knife and glue if the kids are involved.  And the wrapping paper.  

Ingredients for Reindeer Food

green sprinkles
red sprinkles

What you do

Measure the length and circumference of your bottle. On the back side of your wrapping paper, outline the size that you’ll need.  Ours were 3 3/4″ x 7″. Cut the pretty paper to fit.


Make a thin line of glue up the length of the bottle. Adhere one narrow end of your paper to the glue. Wrap the paper snugly around the bottle and glue that end down. Continue with any additional bottles you are decorating.


I had these gorgeous chipboard gift tags from Target leftover and used them.  You can use curling ribbon, scrapbook paper, or whatever you have around the house.  The key thing is that you attach this cute little poem:

Sprinkle on the lawn at night
The moon will make it sparkle bright
As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam
This will guide them to your home.

I printed the poem very small and glued them to the backs of the tags. Then I glued the tag ties around the neck of the bottle.


The sprinkle lids had holes that weren’t large enough to accomodate the oatmeal. So I gouged them with a sharp knife.  Please, please use caution and don’t hurt yourself or others.  Pretty please.

Now make the magical mixture!  The kids loved pouring in all the goodies and talking about where all they would sprinkle it to ensure a prompt and sure arrival from the reindeer crew.  Oatmeal first, then green sugar sprinkles, and then the red ones.

Put the lid on, give them each a good shake to mix up the magic and you’re all done! Just before the kids get tucked in on Christmas Eve evening, take them out and let them sprinkle this all over the yard!


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Abbie Sanderson is a blogging, photoshopping, tutorial-making, kid-chasing, working-on-being-green mom and housewife. See her blog at The Green Wife. Reprinted with permission.