Ribbon Bracelet

Ribbon Bracelet
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Ribbon Bracelets and Necklaces are a popular item in retail stores right now...but you can easily make your own accessories with materials you may already have on hand and for far less money!  It's easy to recycle pearls or other chunky beads you may have laying in the jewelry box into a pretty accent piece for your favorite outfit.  Or, create a special ribbon bracelet as a homemade gift for someone special.  (Don't forget to make one for Mother's Day and Christmas too!)




needle and thread

one strand of craft pearls



1. First step is to start with a needle and thread about 6 or more inches from the end of your ribbon. You will want the extra ribbon to fasten the bracelet on with a bow. 

2. Tie a knot and in thread and start threading the needle through the very center of the ribbon. Knot   the ribbon around knot. You will then put your first pearl on once the needle is pulled through the patterned side of the ribbon. 

3. Continue to thread the pearls on either side of the ribbon. Be sure to keep the needle in the center of the ribbon with each stitch. 

4. Tie a knot in the thread once you have finished on the under side of the ribbon.

5. Tie a bow at the end and you have a very fashionable bracelet!


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