Ribbon Necklace

Ribbon Necklace
Ribbon Necklace - Free Jewelry Craft Idea
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Ribbon necklaces are fun to wear and easy to make!  They make wonderful accessories to most any outfit, and double as a thoughtful gift.  This is a great little trick to turn any long necklace you have into a ribbon necklace that can easily be adjusted or changed out with another coordinating ribbon!  It's also a great way to up-cycle necklaces or other jewelry you no longer enjoy or wear.

Difficulty: Easy




Long Necklace



Lay necklace flat on a Countertop

Cross once and pull back over itself

Thread underneath one side and inbetween the two strands

Pull it to adjust the length of the necklace and make sure it is even on both sides.

Tie to length desired and you are ready to wear your beautiful ribbon necklace!


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