Ring of Flowers

Ring of Flowers
Christmas Crafts - Ring of Flowers
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Materials Needed:

1.     Card board sheet

2.     Decorative flowers – red colour – 4; golden colour - 4

3.     Decorative medium size leaves - 4

4.     Decorative feathers of different colours – 10 in number

5.     Glue, cellophane tape, stapler

6.     Wax fruits of different size, shapes and colour – 5 in number

7.     Marker pen, Scissors, measuring tape

8.     Punching machine and thread


Craft Procedure:

Christmas is an event where everyone likes to celebrate and cherish the memories for years. During Christmas, kids love to decorate their home, room with crafts prepared on their own. One such Christmas craft which the kids can make is the ring of flowers. It can be placed or hanged in the preferred place as a welcome symbol. It involves very simple procedure and whatever items are available for decorating the Christmas tree can be used for this craft also


Step 1: Take the cardboard sheet and place it on a plain surface. With the help of the marker pen, draw a circle covering the whole sheet

Step 2: Take a measuring tape and hold it on the circle. From the circle, measure 3 inches and draw a smaller circle inside the large circle, using the marker pen

Step 3: Cut the remaining portions of the cardboard sheet. You will get a broad ring/circle of cardboard sheet. Bring it to a smooth finish by removing small pieces of card board sheet around the broad circle

Step 4: Now place the large decorative red colour flowers on the ring with equal distance between them. Each flower can be placed in one direction

Step 5: First use the stapler and the glue to stick it with the cardboard sheet. You can also use cellophane tape around the flower making it stick to the sheet

Step 6: Place the decorative medium size leaves behind the flowers. Before placing it, apply a thin layer of glue to the bottom portion of the leaves so that it sticks to the cardboard sheet and the glue is not visible outside.

Step 7: Now take the golden colour decorative flowers and place it in the distance between the red colour flowers. The ring should comprise of one red colour followed by one golden colour flower, which is followed by red colour flower.

Step 7: Follow the same procedure for pasting the golden colour flower. Stapler, glue and cellophane tape and behind the golden flowers, place the decorative features with a thin layer of glue to stick on the card board sheet.

Step 8: Once in the completed, place the wax fruits in between the fruits and paste it. For the wax fruit to remain in position, make two small holes in the punching machine and using the thread, tie it from behind the card board sheet

Step 9:  Continue the procedure till the ring is full of flowers and feathers and card board sheet is not at all visible. Trim the feathers in the outside and inside end so that the ring remains a perfect circle